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The benefits of U.S. steel start with its manufacturing processes

The Benefits of U.S. Steel vs. Foreign Steel

Shawn Dickerson | September 17, 2023

Steel is the backbone of modern infrastructure. It’s essential for industries ranging from construction and automotive manufacturing to aerospace and infrastructure development. When it comes to sourcing steel, there are two primary options: domestic (U.S.) steel and foreign steel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but in recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the benefits of U.S. steel. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using U.S. steel compared to foreign steel and why supporting domestic steel production can be a strategic choice for U.S. businesses.

Steel bridge under construction

Quality Control and Standards

One of the most significant benefits of U.S. steel is the rigorous quality control standards the products must meet. American steel mills are subject to strict regulations. Compliance with these regulations ensures that the steel they produce meets or exceeds the necessary specifications for various applications. This commitment to quality gives consumers confidence in the consistency and reliability of U.S. steel products.

Without these quality control standards, the finished steel may not meet the demands of major building projects. Such was the case with the Bay Bridge, which connects Oakland to San Francisco and carries about 260,000 vehicles a day on its two decks. Originally opened in 1936, a replacement for the eastern section of the bridge was opened in 2013. Almost immediately after opening, however, numerous problems surfaced with various steel components of the bridge. The issues required major repairs. During state senate hearings about the troubled bridge, testimony indicated many of the issues were the result of using foreign steel.

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Environmental Standards

U.S. steel producers are held to high environmental standards, which have led to significant reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions over the years. By choosing U.S. steel, consumers and businesses can contribute to a cleaner environment, as domestic steel production often adheres to stricter environmental regulations than some foreign competitors.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, “The American steel industry is the cleanest of the leading steel industries in the world. Of the major steel-producing countries, the U.S. has the lowest CO₂ emissions per ton of steel produced. By contrast, [one foreign supplier’s] steel production creates carbon emissions that are nearly twice that of the U.S. per ton of steel produced.”

Shorter Supply Chains

Using U.S. steel can lead to shorter supply chains. That advantage is especially beneficial for industries that require just-in-time manufacturing or need to respond quickly to market demands. Shorter supply chains reduce lead times, transportation costs, and the risk of supply disruptions due to global events, such as trade disputes or natural disasters. They can also have an impact on customer service. Custom products that are sourced and manufactured within the U.S. can usually reach customers more quickly than products that rely on foreign supply chains.

Leveraging U.S. Steel in TechTAC® Products

The advantages of U.S. steel are an important aspect of the overall quality of TechTAC® products, and in particular, the company’s Slimline® Tubing Anchor Catcher. The high standards of American-made components help to give the Slimline® a uniquely powerful design.

TechTAC products use American-made steel

“We used to buy tubing anchors from a variety of manufacturers,” said the manager of one oilfield supply company in Texas. “But we often encountered problems, like oversized components, with other companies. Today we buy exclusively from TechTAC®, because we know they will deliver consistently high quality.”

In addition to that consistent level of quality, oilfield supply companies like this one trust that if problems do occur, the team at TechTAC® will own the issue and do their best to make it right.

A Commitment to Fast Delivery

In addition to product quality, American-made steel also helps the team at TechTAC® deliver exceptional customer service. Thanks in part to shorter supply chains, TechTAC® offers industry-leading product delivery. Most orders will either be shipped or delivered within 24 hours.


While foreign steel can sometimes offer cost advantages, the benefits of using U.S. steel make it a compelling choice for businesses and consumers alike. Supporting the domestic steel industry not only ensures a reliable supply of high-quality steel but also contributes to the overall strength and resilience of the U.S. economy.

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