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New Downhole Fishing Guide

New Downhole Fishing Guide Available from TechTAC®

Shawn Dickerson | February 28, 2024

Summary: Rig crews can use this new document to reference key measurements and specifications for both the Slimline® TAC and standard B2 anchors sold by TechTAC®.

An oil rig

Sometimes a fishing job can’t be avoided.

A damaged casing, scale buildup, a stuck anchor, equipment failure and more can require a rig crew onsite to get things “unstuck” and producing again. While the unique design of the TechTAC® Slimline® TAC can mitigate the risk of many of these issues, if problems do occur, it’s helpful if the fishing crew can understand the precise measurements of the downhole equipment.

With that in mind, TechTAC® has published a new Downhole Fishing Guide. This resource – available in digital format and hard copy – includes diagrams and measurements for 11 of TechTAC’s most popular anchors, including both Slimline® TACs and standard B2 anchors. In addition to basic measurements, such as anchor OD and ID, the guide also includes unique measurements that are especially helpful during a fishing job. For instance, the distance from the cap to the end of the mandrel (body) is noted for each anchor.

The printed version of TechTAC’s Downhole Fishing Guide is a heavy-duty tri-fold brochure that can be easily stored in the glovebox of a vehicle or pinned on a wall in the shop. Contact your local TechTAC® representative to get a printed version of the guide.

Download the digital version by clicking on the images below.

Downhole Fishing Guide inside
Downhole Fishing Guide outside