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Standard anchor vs. Slimline TAC

An Introduction to the TechTAC® Slimline® Tubing Anchor Catcher

Shawn Dickerson | March 18, 2024

In this 90-second video, learn how the unique and patented design of the Slimline® Tubing Anchor Catcher allows sediment and formation gas to flow around the anchor instead of creating a choke, as is common with a standard B2-style anchor. In turn, the Slimline® helps mitigate the risk of downhole challenges like scale formation and rod pump gas locking.

In wells with sucker-rod pumps, tubing anchor catchers, or TACs, can stabilize the production string.

However, standard B2-style TACs, along with other traditional anchor designs, are also susceptible to several common problems that can hinder production.

Because the annular area between the TAC and well casing is so small, sediment and scale can bridge-off on top of the anchor and cement it in place, often resulting in an expensive fishing job. At the same time, the TAC essentially acts as a choke, trapping formation gas below the anchor, leading to a gas locked rod pump.

In contrast, the TechTAC® Slimline® Tubing Anchor Catcher provides up to 245% more flow-by area between the anchor OD and the casing ID.

According to an independent CFD study, that increased flow-by area means the Slimline® creates far less pressure drop, turbulence and turbidity than a standard B2 anchor.

CFD comparison of tubing anchor catchers

That free flow of fluid helps mitigate the frequency and impact of stuck anchors and gas locking, which in turn can help operators significantly reduce costs and increase production.

To learn more about the TechTAC® Slimline® TAC, or to get a quote, contact the TechTAC® team today!