Advantages of Slimline™

Tech TAC’s® patent-protected Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher provides the benefits of a standard tubing anchor catcher while improving well efficiencies. Our Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catchers can help optimize well production and decrease downtime. Flow capacity is increased beyond what is provided by a standard or traditional tubing anchor catcher for the following reasons:

  • 1. Smaller Overall Diameter
  • 2. Tapered Flow Subs

Due to the smaller overall diameter, our Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher provides less restriction in the well, which allows natural gas to break out easier and makes the pump less likely to gas lock. A standard size tubing anchor, being closer to the inside diameter of the casing, restricts natural gas flow up the annulus.

Located on top and bottom of our Slimline™ tubing anchor catcher, our flow deflectors (flow subs) reduce flow turbulence as well as eliminate the shelf where dirt and debris can build up, allowing the well to produce more efficiently.

As with any tubing anchor catcher, in worst-case scenarios, it may become necessary to cut over the tool in order to release it. Our Slimline™ tubing anchor catcher is able to fit inside a shoe mill, which significantly reduces cutover time.

Benefits of the Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher include:

  • Overall reduced diameter from standard anchor 
  • Increased flow through the annulus
  • Reduced area for debris collection
  • Reduced gas locking
  • Top and bottom flow subs to reduce flow turbulence
  • Option to set in or below perforations
  • Fits inside a mill shoe
  • Dramatically decreases cut over time


Comparison to Standard Tubing Anchor Catcher 

7” Tubing Anchor Catcher Comparison7” #23 Casing Cross Section Area (ID)TAC Cross Sectional Area (OD)Flow-by Area
Standard  (5.5” OD) 31.83 in² 23.76 in² 8.07 in²
Slimline™  (4.5” OD) 31.83 in² 15.90 in² 15.93 in²

97.4% Flow-by increase over standard TAC

5.5” Tubing Anchor Catcher Comparison5.5” #17 Casing Cross Section Area (ID)TAC Cross Sectional Area (OD)Flow-by Area
Standard (4.5” OD) 18.80 in² 15.90 in² 2.9 in²
Slimline™ (3.75” OD) 18.80 in² 11.03 in² 7.77 in²

167.99% Flow-by increase over standard TAC

4.5” Tubing Anchor Catcher Comparison4.5” #10.5 Casing Cross Section Area (ID)TAC Cross Sectional Area (OD)Flow-by Area
Standard  (3.75” OD) 12.90 in² 11.04 in² 1.86 in²
Slimline™ (2.875” OD) 12.90 in² 6.49 in² 6.41 in²

244.6% Flow-by increase over standard anchor