Welcome to Tech TAC®: Home of the Slimline Tubing Anchor Catcher.  Available in numerous locations across the United States


Established in 2004, Tech TAC® is dedicated to providing premium tubing anchor catcher solutions. With over 40 years of oilfield experience, Tech TAC® proudly presents the patent protected Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher. There are many benefits provided by our Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catchers compared to traditional Tubing Acnhor Catchers. At Tech TAC®, we have confidence in our ability to provide superior technologies to our clients.

Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher

We are your Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catcher specialists! With more flow by area around the tool, our Slimline™ Tubing Anchor Catchers offer solutions to many common problems associated with rod pumping wells. Tech TAC® has numerous dealers throughout the United States including Midland, TX; Williston, ND; Oklahoma City and San Antonio. To view a full list of dealers click Find a Dealer at the top of the page or contact us directly at info@techtacco.com.